Initiative to ESG Investment

The Trust Bank has been a pioneer in Socially Responsible Investment (SRI). In recent years we define responsible investment in a broader sense and have been active in promoting ESG investment.

The Trust Bank's approach to ESG Investment and the PRI

Global investors are now focusing more on companies' approaches to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues along with conventional financial factors in order to earn stable investment returns. The investment styles which incorporate the ESG perspective into its processes are called "ESG Investment" and they are expected to contribute to long-term, sustainable earnings growth.

As a signatory to the UN PRI*, the Trust Bank actively participates in the PRI Japan Network, which promotes the PRI and responsible investment in Japan.

As a leading asset manager in the industry, we manage a Japanese equity strategy which particularly focuses on ESG factors in its investment process. It aims to outperform the Japanese equity market by identifying companies with sustainable growth through our proprietary ESG analysis.

* The PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) is an investment principle promoted by the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), a government-industry partnership whose mission is "to identify, promote, and realize the adoption of the best environmental and sustainability practice at all levels of financial institution operations." The UNEP FI also promotes the United Nations' Global Compact. The PRI were developed and proclaimed in 2006 by an international group of institutional investors in order to reflect the increasing relevance of environmental, social, and corporate governance issues in investment practices. The Trust Bank was among the first institutional investors in Japan to endorse the UNEP FI in May 2006.