Real Estate Asset Management Services

We conduct comprehensive real estate asset management services for both domestic and overseas investors. These services bring together the experience and knowledge we have cultivated through various real estate operations (including real estate brokerage, real estate appraisal, real estate trust and custodian services), asset finance operations, and asset management operations of equity and debt investments and other fields.

We envision supplying funds or investment opportunities based largely on:

  • "Income-focused and long-term investment," which is income-oriented real estate funds or opportunities that enable stable investment.

Our focus

  • Investment products: The primary products are real estate and beneficiary interests of the real estate trust.
  • Investment asset class: These are mainly office, retail and residential properties.
  • Investment approaches: We center on core or core plus investment and value-added investment.
  • Investment format: In addition to the investment funds that provide multiple investors with the same opportunities, we offer asset management services based on separate accounts, where we determine investment policies and other matters based on individual investors' demands. In both investment formats, we can provide investment in individual properties or diversified investment across multiple properties within a fund.
Our Real Estate Asset Management Service