Competitive Advantages

Look no further for a diverse array of high-quality stock transfer agency services. Through consultations that make the most of our unique signature strengths, we provide services that are fine-tuned to the requirements of each and every client.

We provide a diverse array of high-quality stock transfer agency services and effective proposal-based solutions through consultations to satisfy all manner of client requirements. To ensure that we provide effective proposal-based solutions, we constantly seek to upgrade and extend our signature strengths, namely our specialization, information gathering skills, and third-party network. At the same time, we strive to enhance our lineup of services and maintain standards of quality.

Competitive Advantage (1):
Delivering Information Based on an Industry-Leading Market Share

Our services for issuers includes detailed stock administration consulting, shareholder register administration, and the provision of high value-added information utilizing shareholder registers. These services are based on strong information gathering skills made possible by our dominant industry-leading market share. We regularly organize shareholder meeting rehearsals, various seminars held by legal affairs consultants for corporate stock administration staff, and seminars held by prominent lawyers on chairing general meeting of shareholders. In these ways, we provide effective support for holding general meetings of shareholders.

Furthermore, the Trust Bank established a shareholder relations support services company, Japan Shareholder Service Ltd. (JSS),which has a business alliance with Computershare Limited (Australia), the world's largest stock transfer agency. Through JSS, we provide comprehensive support services concerning institutional investors. These services include surveys to identify institutional investors in Japan and overseas, and proxy solicitation services, leveraging Computershare's database and expertise.

Japan Shareholder Services

Competitive Advantage (2):
Consulting Based on an Extensive Track Record of Services

Through our services for issuers, we satisfy the demands of clients using actual case examples backed by our extensive track record of services. In addition, we provide comprehensive shareholder and investor relations (SR/IR) solutions such as SR Navi, the industry's only shareholder register analysis system. In shareholder strategies targeting individual shareholders, we propose solutions and advisory services on attracting shareholders and promoting long-term ownership based on multifaceted surveys and analyses of shareholder data. In measures to address institutional investors, we provide targeting solutions and advisory services for trying to maintain an appropriate stock price and promoting long-term ownership by conducting surveys and analyses of stockholding status, in addition to investment approaches and other parameters determined from surveys to identify institutional investors in Japan and overseas. We also provide various consulting services leveraging capabilities throughout the MUFG group. This includes total support for various shareholder relations and investor relations programs aimed at enhancing corporate value, and corporate takeover defense measures such as contingency plans for which we were the first to contract services in Japan.

Competitive Advantage (3):
Sophisticated Backup Framework for Information Systems

We have established the industry's only full-line share registry framework in both Tokyo and Osaka. Our framework allows us to complete all share registry tasks internally. This framework is managed efficiently using a combination of distributed processing and host-computer based processing. We also have a system in place to reduce risk. Measures include using earthquake-proof server structures and installing such servers at our host computer centers, and remote off-site storage of master files.