International Services

1. Direct Listing Support

As one of Japan's largest stock transfer agencies, we provide a range of listing support services based on our extensive expertise and track record. We are commissioned by foreign companies seeking to list their shares on Japanese securities exchanges and Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc., to perform administrative services related to foreign equities as a stock administration agency.

In foreign equities, we are the stock administration agent for 40% of foreign corporations listed in Japan (as of May 31, 2018). We have a share of over 70% of the market for agency services for Japanese ETFs (as of December 31, 2017), on a trust balance basis. In the stock transfer agency business, the Trust Bank provides trust beneficiary administration services. We were entrusted with stock administration agency services for the first overseas ETF (Samsung Kodex200) to be directly listed on the Japanese market. We also offered service provider operations in connection with the three-way merger of Citigroup Inc.

2. JDR Support

We provide support services for implementing Japan Depositary Receipt (JDR) programs, which are used by overseas corporate clients to procure funds in Japanese markets.

JDRs (Japan Depositary Receipts) are certificates of beneficiary interest in trust assets comprising overseas equities, ETNs, ETFs and other financial instruments. JDRs are issued in yen because they are listed on securities exchanges in Japan. From the standpoint of JDR issuers, the Trust Bank is responsible for trust asset administration and provides various services, including distributing dividends to investors (beneficiaries).

"Fruit of Gold" Series