Business Sectors

The Trust Bank has an "in-house company" model of management based on four business units reflecting product, service, customer and market characteristics. We work continuously to reinforce our business infrastructure in each business unit. Each business pursues independent overseas business development assisted by the Markets and Global Business Unit.

Business Portfolio

(Fiscal 2016 Consolidated Gross Profits by Business Sector)

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Value Proposition

Retail Banking Business / Corporate Business

The retail business and corporate business provide trust assets, real estate, and corporate agency services to individual and corporate clients. We provide integrated solutions combining trust and banking services to individual and corporate customers.

Retail Banking Business

Corporate Business

Trust Assets Business (Asset Management, Asset Administration, Pension)

We manage and administer assets entrusted by various customers, including governments, corporations and individuals.

Trust Assets Business

Our Service : Asset Management

Our Service : Investor Services

Real Estate Business

We provide various kinds of real estate services for corporate clients and investors including brokerage, real estate appraisal, real estate trust and custodian services, property management, real estate securitization arrangement and real estate asset management.

Real Estate Business

Our Service : Real Estate

Stock Transfer Agency Business

We mainly provide shareholder register administration services, in addition to IPO support, consulting, and other services.

Stock Transfer Agency Business

Our Service : Stock Transfer Agency

Markets & Global Business

We conduct markets operations around the world and invest in domestic and overseas markets.

Markets & Global Business